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A popular basket bag

In Spring, the weather becomes hotter and hotter,everything comes alive again.Flowers bloom in the gardens ,small animal walk around the park. Girls usually wants to buy a new skirt to suit their new mood. Despite the dress,girls will never stopping buying a new handbag. Today I would like to introduce a fashion handbag manufacturers to you ,that is the basket bag. For small girls, it is so lovely to see them to carry the small basket bag with some flowers in it.For young girls,it is dynamic for them to pick a basket bag to suit their grid clothes and tight jean. And for ladies, the basket bag can be used when they are on a vacation to the beach;

This year the basket bag is a shinning point in the fashion shows and streets. Dolce & Gabbana makes the basket bag every year, and their products make you feel so passion .MiuMiu & Marni, they also release their basket bag on the advisement .As a Chinese local bag product manufacturer, Junven tries the best to keep up with the international tide.Junven produces the basket bags for five years.The first order came from a Japanese customer.They were fond of our design and very satisfied with our quality and the reasonable price.Therefore the Japanese customer repeated the basket bag orders every year, moreover they had introduced other Japanese local customers to us.

This basket bag has two color ,which is black and yellow .It is made of the nature fibre.The nature material are environmental friendly. It is more practical to use the cloth as linings for the basket bag. The linings also can protect the cane from scraping when we using the bag, so this basket bag can have longer working life.For the strap,we use the real leather. It is more comfortable to carry the bag with the long leather strap.

This basket bag should be in you shopping list for the Spring and Summer season.Junven bags get plenty of orders of this basket bag every year ,because we have offered the best price and good quality .Junven bags also produce various kinds of handbags,cosmetic cases,backpacking products etc.We welcome OEM products as well. We are looking forward to have business with you .