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Green and practical canvas bag

In 1970, two men in America voiced the concerns of millions of people across the world over the rapidly deteriorating condition of the planet. They suggested the idea of having a special day to devise ways to improve the state of the earth. Thus was born Earth Day, 22th, April, which is the one of the most significant international occasions. Nowadays, people in China are also paying more and more attention to the environmental protection. The Chinese government has forbidden the retailers to provide the free plastic bags in order to protect the environment. The plastic bag is commonly used in our daily life, but it isn't quite environmental-friendly. As we all know, the plastic bag is difficulty to degrade, it cause many environmental issues. Therefore, the market demand of canvas bag is rising rapidly in recent years, because it is reusable and the material is environmental friendly.

Junven, a handbag manufacturers, as a Chinese bag manufacturer, has produced the canvas bag for more than 20 years. Thus the canvas bag is a mature product for Junven. we started producing the canvas bag when the manufactory began the production. Junven accumulated much experience in making the canvas bag. We focus on the material and making procedures, so the quality is very good and the bag is durable. Many other manufactories can make the canvas bag too. Junven always tries the best to make the quality which can range to the top of the bag industry. So our workers and designers are working so hard to keep the pace in the intensely competitive bag industry.

The canvas bag is cheap, because of the simple procedures. For the pattern, we use the craft, such as silk-screen,embroidery& thermal transfer printing .We can do different sizes and various patterns, and Junven welcome OEM orders. Junven gets orders for canvas bag from domestic customers as well as foreign traders, which in total around one million pieces every year. Junven is an experienced bags exporter, that we have exported the canvas bag to European countries, USA, Australia etc. for 15years.

Junven is a bag manufacturer, which mainly produces the handbag, backpacking products, bike bag and make-up cases etc. Junven welcomes the OEM orders and we will always try the best to fulfill your requirements.