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In the summer, you need a new style straw beach bag

Straw bag is referred to as the "vegetable basket", which is only used by mothers to the buy vegetable. But Straw bag is popular in recent years .The simple and easy design, and countryside style of straw bag is widely popular with modern people. Made of grass, rattan, hemp and other natural plant, straw bag is environmental friendly .Hay, rattan, bamboo, hemp rope, these seemingly cheap raw material, through the design and technology, handbag manufacturers can produce all kinds of bag, like pieces of fine arts and crafts,

Carrying the leather bags on a summer walk on the streets, it is hard to avoid the hot feeling. But if you carry the straw bag, you can feel pure and fresh and natural in the hot summer. So in summer, the straw bag is seized the women's heart firmly. Today when straw bag is not just a simple design, in order to meet the requirements of modern people, straw bag's design also in the approach of leather bag, so straw bag may not be cheaper than a leather handbag. Straw bag has lots of styles like leather handbags, such as single shoulder, portable, worn, double back.

Usually Junven got the straw bag orders mostly from foreign traders, but by the spread of internet, Chinese girls also accept the straw bag as a daily handbag and think it is a fashion element in summer. So we got more and more straw bag orders from domestic markets. Therefore Junven produces the straw bags both for Chinese market and abroad market. Nowadays, the styles of straw bag has developed and changed a lot from the so-called "vegetable basket". You can see all the popular elements used on the straw bag, for example, hair ball, lace, watermelon pattern etc. BTW, Junven is not only produce the straw beach bag, we also produce the various kind of handbags, backpacking products and make-up cases.

Junven ,as a Chinese local manufacturer, would like to introduce this new style straw beach bag .It is made of nature material and keep the original color .The shape is cuboid and decorated with colorful hair balls. We believe that it is a fashion bag if you carry it to the beach or go out for shopping in summer.

beach bag.jpg