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Team spirit construction

 Junven, as a handbag manufacturers, which mainly produces the handbag, backpacking products, make-up cases and OEM products etc. 

We are concerned about the training of our workers in different areas. This training of improving the teamwork spirit is one of our training plan in 2018.

On April 21, 2018, our company launched a training course entitled Teamwork Spirit, which in total one day. Good teamwork is very important in the operation of the company. Because each individual in the team is unique. The establishment of a team is the process of seeking common ground while reserving differences. Through the necessary guidance and management, let the team show the greatest combat effectiveness, so companies can operate well and things can be implemented smoothly. Good team spirit helps employees to increase their sense of responsibility and gratefulness.

We invited a well-known training institution to conduct the training. With the communication, the training organization formulated a one-day training content based on the situation of our staff. They use three small games to increase familiarity among team members.

The first mini game is: Lead the bling people .One person is blindfolded, and the other person leads him to the designated place and avoid the barrier. This game mainly enhances the trust between colleagues. During the game, the blind person and the guide cannot communicate in words and can only communicate through body language. So before the game begins, the two people have to discuss what the body language represents, such as patting a left hand means raising his left foot. Through this game colleagues have increased trust and understanding.

The second mini-game is: "High altitude broken bridge." Many people’s first reaction was to withdraw, but with the encouragement of their teammates, they finally bravely stepped onto the 8-meter high platform and completed the jump. The establishment of a perfect team consists of a group of imperfect people, who are with the same goals and different talents. So we need encouragement from each other in order to complete the difficulty tasks in the office.

The third mini-game is: Climb the high wall. In the face of a 4-meter-high wall, even if you are strong, you can't possibly climb a 4-meter-high wall with bare hand. With the order of the coach, everyone in the team get together and form the human ladder, 26 team members finally crossed the high wall. It can be seen that the strength of a team is great. If every employee can work in concert with trust and understanding, then we can overcome every difficulties.

Through these three mini-games, my colleagues are deeply impressed that the power of a single person is small, that it can't accomplish things well. Only relying on the collective strength can accomplish the task perfectly. After the game was over, every employee had talked about their own training sentiment. Everyone was very grateful for the training arrangements and believed that this training was very useful for future work. In the evening, we had dinner together happily, and it ended the day's training perfectly.