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The cause why female like to use leather-based bags?

Leather bag oneSome humans say leather bags are high-end and elegant, which can symbolize the taste and portrait on some occasion. Some people say leather-based bags are a variety of subculture and mood, they are simply like the pores and skin with exclusive textures, which is a piece of artistry. Some human beings say leather luggage is shining and polished, even although they are used out, they nonetheless maintain the appropriate feel of quality, and each and every wrinkle and scratch are the witnesses of their companion. Some humans say even you have a new bag, the leather handbag usually is stored in their closet as treasure.


Leather bag four

For imitation leather bags, they are now not as treasure as the pure leather-based bags, however, the most captivating elements of them are durable and acid-resistant. The pure leather luggage is usually made of the leather from cow, goat, and pig, occasionally are made from the leather-based of crocodile, deer, and ostrich. The pure leather-based bags comprise three layers.


The first one is the quality one, is made from the leather of animals, so it is tender and ventilates. The second layer is the leather-based after desktop treatment, which experiences the painting process, so it is easy to get a wrinkle in particular in the low-temperature condition. The 1/3 layer is the second one after unique processing treatment. Although the imitation leather-based bags and the pure leather-based bags are of the exceptional process, they each experience the facets of being soft, smooth, elastic, honestly they have leather-based texture and the odor of leather. All these aspects lead ladies to fall in love with them.


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